The way to select the best Big and Tall Chair

Heard the old saying one-size-fits-all? While this can be true for many clothes or possibly a bit of jewellery, exactly the same cannot be stated for office chairs. With individuals different in size and shape, not every office chairs can hold every individual’s needs, with the requirement for niche chairs. The simple truth is most office chairs are equipped for people who weigh under 250 pounds which are between your heights of 5’4″-5″10. What about everybody else? Well fortunately, if you be a bit bigger or taller than is regarded as average, you will find chairs designed only for you, big and tall office chairs.

Why would you obtain a big and tall chair?

If you’ve ever labored within an office before, you most likely have started to discover that everybody sits in exactly the same chair. Its possible you’ve observed that bigger or heavier people frequently have a hard time sitting with correct posture. It’s because the truth that these people aren’t suited for the standard chair. For any taller individual, the incorrect seat size can result in many problems including not receiving enough support for his or her thighs and getting to shift around awkwardly to try and sit inside a comfortable position. Even sitting completely in their chair, taller users might have their legs extended out much farther than everybody else’s. This can lead to sitting with improper posture which eventually can result in back discomfort and aches.

For heavier users, they might find aspects of their chair breaking off or putting on lower much faster than other users. It is because, as aforementioned, most chairs are just made to support 250 pounds because of this their parts are just designed and produced with this weight capacity. Unsuccessful cylinders, which make the seat height to longer be adjustable, are signs problems familiar with a seat which has a weight capacity under its user together with damaged armrests and chair wheels. Understandably, this could be a safety hazard and potentially, a legitimate issue.

Necessary Adjustments

To be able to select the best big and tall chair for you personally, you should search for certain adjustable features in your new potential chair just before purchasing. The very first feature to consider is really a seat slider, which enables the consumer to regulate the depth from the seat by pulling the seat out and modifying its length. This is particularly essential for individuals which are taller and want that extra seat coverage to completely support their thighs.

Another essential adjustment to think about may be the cylinder, which enables for that chair to become adjusted up and lower. A seat having a standard size cylinder might not be sufficient for individuals which are taller and want that extra height to sit down using their knees in a ninety degree position and ft placed firmly on the ground. Niche big and tall chairs sometimes include different cylinder heights to support the requirements of taller individuals. One manufacturer particularly that provides different cylinder heights being an option using their chairs is ErgoCentric.

Measurements to think about

Before investing in a big and tall chair there are specific measurements which should be considered before diving in. The very first measurement that needs to be checked out may be the depth from the seat. Most traditional size seats remain 19″ deep if you’re taller you will need to try to look for a seat that may be adjusted to a minimum of 21″ having a seat slider to make sure you fit easily while sitting. Another measurement to think about may be the seat height from the chair. Leg strain and stiffness can happen in case your legs are bent an abnormal position from located on a seat that’s way too short. Lastly, the peak from the chair’s back is yet another crucial measurement. A seat having a small back-rest won’t supply the support essential for a taller individual and can lead to unnecessary back, shoulder, and neck discomfort.


A typical concern for many, understandably, is the price of the merchandise. Regrettably, big and tall office chairs may cost a fairly cent, with many costing somewhere in the plethora of $300-$600, with a few costing more than that. The reason behind this high cost is the caliber of materials accustomed to construct the chair to make sure that it may hold greater capacities while supplying the consumer support and comfort. Although it may appear like quite an investment, should you spend lengthy hrs each day sitting at the office, the additional comfort you will get will enhance your productivity making for any more fun work atmosphere.

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