How To Choose A Good Company For Making Custom Patches

It is very important to research for a good company for ordering anything in bulk. This is especially true if the order is placed for huge quantities of patches. Since patches help to increase the visibility of the company, a substandard patch will do more harm than good.

Things to consider before making final choice

There are many companies which advertise for rending high quality patch making services at reasonable rates. But before placing any bulk orders for Custom Patches, a customer should do the following things:

  • Visit the company website: The customer needs to visit the website of the company concerned and check out the following details.

Basic information about the company: The website should offer info about its background along with their phone numbers and official address. They should also mention the years of experience that they have in the embroidery business.

  • Price list and offers: It is also important for the company to mention the tentative prices on the internet. Ongoing offers should also be put up on the internet with proper validity conditions and time period.
  • Licenses obtained: The customer needs to find out from the website if the company has been officially licensed by large organisations or government bodies to make Custom Patches and emblems for them. Any endorsement from organisations like these is in itself a guarantee for the quality of work that the company does.
  • Visit the gallery section: Every company involved in embroidered patch making will definitely have a section dedicated to its designs for patches, emblems and logos. This section should be thoroughly scrutinised so that the customer gets a good idea about the quality and accuracy of their work.
  • Talk to the sales person of the company: The call should be made on the phone number of the company’s marketing team listed on the internet to know the following things:

Genuineness of the offers: The sales person should be asked to give the details of the offers listed on the website. He should thus confirm

  • The validity of the offer,
  • The minimum quantity required for the execution of the order and
  • Any other restrictions or conditions that come along with the offer.

Price confirmation: The asking price of the order should also be discussed with him. Prices also tend to go up in case of orders which need to be completed immediately. These prices should also be discussed.

The patch making industry is a very competitive and dynamic industry where companies offer a lot of free fringe benefits. These should also be taken into consideration before the placement of the order.

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